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2013 Fish Pictures

Baby Blue Fin on the fly!

Here's looking at you Charlie

The spawn of the 05' class of BFT's

We hit it right today!

8/18 Capt. John is all smiles about finding lots of hungry bones on the Block.


Nice specimen


8/13.  A hoot on the fly!

This RI Striper was just short of 20lbs and 30 inches long!  

5/19.  Capt. John's first Striped Bass of the season.

5/18.  Rhode Island is really ramping up!

Capt. Robert Klien put me on some sexy Reds.

I was able to make it down to Islamorada in the Florida Keys to fish with Tim & Robert Klien as well as my good friend Craig Brewer.   Oh how good it was to get away from the brutal New England winter for a few days.

The Snook is a truly beautiful fish. 

Started off the morning with Capt. Craig Brewer with a nice snook.


A nice Redfish to finish the day with Capt. Craig Brewer.


2012 Fish Pics

A classic Montauk bassraft

False Albacore stacked up at the END..

Tiny Anchovy

9/11/12   Albies are on the prowl..

Sean found this fat Bass hiding in thick fog.

Lets just say Peter's first Block Island fishing experience was sweet.

The MacDougall brothers are always a blast to have aboard.

It's not very often you find Stripers rolling on Sand Eels in middle of the day.

Denise just landed her first Bass ever.

My man Ron came up from Philly to tangle with some quality Stripes.

This Bass pounded Bill's flatwing.

Murph.  AKA the plastic pimp

Pete with his first of the season.

10/11.  The beautiful False Albacore,

10/11.  Peter saw The End in an epic way.

10/11.  Not only lots of bass but some real serious animals as well.

10/11.   I love the fish staring right at you.

10/11.  Montauk swimmers wearing their striped bathing suits

10/11.  Nick and friends saw lots of fins at Montauk.

10/11. The Knappman with a nice Albert.

Fished Robert and his Dad at the Red Bone Tournament  in Montauk, NY.  Robert boated a respectable 12 albies on the fly while his pop hammered'em with 28 Fat Alberts.  And yes that was the most of any angler in the tournement. 

Even I got in on the hardtail action.


Matt is wanted in 6 states.

9/20/11.  Joe stops for a shot with a quality Albie.


8/11.  These are very unhappy Halfbeaks!

8/11.  No fish here!  Guess we better move.

 8/11.  Robert once again came tight to a fine looking girl!

8/11.  Nice work my lady!

8/11.  Tom came up from Texas to see absolute bedlam on Block Island's southside

8/11.  Bent rod+flat calm+BI sunrise=All you need in life!

8/11.  This Halfbeak was lucky on this pass but I'm sure it wasn't so much on the next


8/11.  Ron with one of many


8/11.  Big fish whacking slugos

8/11.  Dean and Brian laid into more than one of these pigs!


7/11.  We had consistent carnage like this at the N.Rip for 2 weeks straight!  So epic!

7/11.  Jerry with a cow BI striper.


7/11.  Jerry is a great client that always hooks up.

7/11.  Richard came up from Atlanta and was blown away by BI stripers.

7/11.  Sebastian did an outstanding job fighting this 25pd Bass.

7/11.  Sebastian is quite the angler with light spinning tackle.

7/11.  Bonito!

7/11.  Tom with just another 40" fish

7/11.  The Knapp boyz always have the man in the striped suit scared.


7/11.  Erwin they Blufish king.

7/11.  Good on ya mate!


7/11.  Sean is always good fun to have on the SeaCraft.

6/11.  Jacob saw Block Island at it's best.

6/11.  Always a pleasure having Ron out to the Rock

6/11.  Ron had some great surface takes!

6/11.  A sweet BI drag rippa....

6/11.  Nice work Skip!

6/11.  More than one double for Craig and Ed.

6/11.  Ed and his best fly rod bass yet.

6/11.  Phil with a a serious Block Island baby.


6/11.  Ed and Craig were a blast to have aboard.

6/14/11. Dan's Block Island pig!

6/11.  These are such healthy Stripers that we are seeing on Block Island.

Sucking sand eels down like spaghetti.

June 13.  Peter and company did well with a few doubles.

June 7.  Nice Work Matt.

Lots of doubles and triples!

June 6.  Matt and 5 buddies from PA saw unbelievable weather and fishing.

June 5.  7 year old Jack absolutely hammered these fish with this 25pd fish being his best.  FYI.  Jack casted,  hooked and fought this big bass all the way to the boat.  I didnt help him a bit.  Good on you mate!

Jack was bent all evening!  Actually, I was shocked that he could handle these powerful fish for 4 hours strait

Daddy Knapp crushed'em as well


June 5.  Jack Knapp working the sluggo just right.



May 12th, 2011.  Pete with a nice season starter Striped Bass in upper Narragansett Bay.



Right Now we just have a few pictures from 2010 until the season starts and we begin posting new ones.

                     The October fall run always includes Albies with a gut full of Chovies


                                                             South County Albie


                                              8/2010   Ron's personal best at 32pds.


                                                 8/2010.  Jerry always catches...


                                                                 Nice fish Katie!


                                                         7/2010  Football season on BI.

More 2013 pictures


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