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Fishing Pictures 2007

Fishing Pictures 2007

Holy smoking Shimano Spheros 4000! 

Chris and I had a great week in Fla. It was hard work due to the cold front but we came tight to plenty of fish


Chris's small, yet deceptively strong Blacktip poses for a quick mugshot


A wicked cold front didn't stop a Capt's trip nor the Cuda bite in Fla. 


Amberjacks are always impressive on light tackle. 


Lots of  King Mackerel off the Sunshine Coast in November 


Always a pleasure to fish with John.


Whitney with a late September topwater striper.


9/12/07  Daryal's last of what was many tuna at MTK..


9/12/07  Ending a day at "The End" with one more drag burner.


9/12/07  Montauk is loaded...........


9/10/07  There are fast fish all over!


9/9/07  The year of the False Albacore.


9/8/07  He is loving his first shore caught Fat Albert


9/7/07  Bluefish Bonanza.................... 


9/05/07  Lots of Albies racing the beaches all day long


9/4/07  What a set of chompers.


9/2/07  The bass were thick as thieves at the rip tonight.


9/1/07  Lots of whales usually = Bluefin!


8/29/07  You just can't beat a west side sunrise with slurping bass.


8/26/07  What a beauty!   Nice Bluefish too.


8/24/07  Lots of Bonito on the Block


8/22/07 Rick got tight to bass and bonito.


8/20/07 Alex had no idea he would tangle with fish like the 27pd fat girl.


Peter caught plenty of fish on his trip to BI with this 20pd fish being his best.


8/07  I swear this weighed 31pds.  Rick is a really big dude!


8/9/07 A south side slab.


8/7/07 Ralph found this bass hiding in the fog.



7/25/07  Bruce with another quality fish.


7/24/07  Bruce Saunders fished 31/2 days with me and I enjoyed our time on the water.


7/22/2007  John Grigg made the trip up from NC to tangle with some BI stripes.


7/18/2007  Pam's 1st bass anywhere!


7/16/2007  Scott had never fished.  A fat 20pd fish intro...



7/10/07 Earl from the Saltwater Edge.  Nice beast Bro!


7/10/07  My 15wt. loved this 80pd brute!


7/6/2007 Scott & Lewis got tight to there first double



7/3/2007 So many bass this morning


6/30/2007 Rob took this beauty on the west side.


6/30/2007  Lola struggled with this 12 pound blue on ultralight tackle.


6/30/2007 Lola's first Striper at a stout 30pds.


6/27/2007 Frank came all the way from Alabama to fish BI


6/27/07 Frank and his wife with a sexy Clayhead bass.


6/ 23/ 2007 Nice Black Rock Bass


6/9/2007 Chris took this nice striper on the west side of BI.


6/7/07 Eric coerced this mega blue to smash his popper.


6/7/07 Chris with one of many bass and blues on an early morning trip.


6/2/07 Jim Moore, a freshwater fly guy, got a little salty on Mt. Hope Bay


5/28/07 Heather "The Bass Slayer" Snow


5/30/07 Jamie & Eric's 1st Striped bass trip.  Not a bad introduction.


5/24/07 Ron's squid fly got blasted right at the surface.


5/19/07 Barb with the big fish of the day at 34"   Nice!!


5/19/07 Pat & Barb Callan experienced the upper bay at its best with many keepers.



5/17/07 Bob Sandfort and his uncles enjoyed a triple during a Narragansett Bay blitz


4/16/07 My season starter early with many Macks in Fla..


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